Castles, Fortifications and Towers


              1. Geometric.              Safita
           2. Linear                     Salah ad-dinMasyaf       
           3. Concentric.             Margat, Krak des Chevaliers
              4. Random.                Yahmur

               Features that are characteristic of these styles.
              1. Geometric       Single paired  towers on outer fortification.
              2. Linear.            Rectangular keeps, embrasures.
              3. Concentric      Concentric curtain walls, circular radiating towers.
              4. Random.         Single asymmetrically placed corner tower.


             1. Geometric              Marcilly
             2. Linear                     Montcornet, Brancion, Montfort
             3. Concentric              Couzan, Hierges
             4. Random                  Thil  


             1. Geometric                Enniskillen Castle
             2. Linear                      Green Castle, Trim Castle , Rathlannon Castle